Name: James Adler

Age: 27

Callsign: Foulke 1

Nationality: Belkan

Exp: 474

Exp level: Gryphus

Physical Description: James is 1,92 meter high, he's thin because he's a fighter pilot. He has brown hair and eyes. He always wears his black flight suit.

Psychological Description: James is a sociable man, he is extrovert and loves to talk on the radio all the time.

Aircraft currently in use: F-14D Super Tomcat

Special Weapon currently in use: Advanced Air to Air Medium Range missile x12 ( locks on to 4 air targets)

Other Aircraft and weapon: A-10 Thunderbolt II, A-6E Intruder

Money: 520$

chronology: Mission "Night Assault"

Mission "Jump!"

Mission "Glacial"

Mission "Cannon bullet"

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